How to buy a second-hand or refurbished laptop

Do you want to save real money on your next laptop?  Looking for second-hand or refurbished laptops could get you some big discounts on some great technology.



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Laptop computers are expensive, and with the pandemic and millions of people working and going to school online, they’re also getting very hard to find. So if your options for laptop selection or budget  are constrained, should you consider buying a used one for your next purchase? Yes absolutely as long as its from a trustworthy source like usedtek


We’re big fans of selling  used tek: It’s economically savvy, it’s environmentally friendly, and it usually gets the job done as well as a new purchase. But there are complications and risks with buying a used computer, and they’re magnified by the main factor of where you buy it from


Advantages of buying a used or refurbished laptop or mobile phone

Price . It’s the main argument in favour of buying anything used. Nobody will notice your laptop or mobile  was second-hand – and you might forget yourself after a while.

Warranty. Buying from an authorised reseller or directly from the manufacturer could bequeath you a warranty of up to three years – longer than on some new computers.

Brand choice. A £500 budget might limit you to cheaper new models, whereas the same budget may secure a refurbished machine from a more well known brand .

Environmental aspects . We’re all aware of our environmental footprint. An existing laptop has no ecological impact, but ordering a new one consumes lots of natural resources.

No teething troubles. New devices can have glitches, missing software or other minor issues. Buying pre-owned tends to mean out-of-the-box snagging has been resolved.

Disadvantages  of buying a second-hand laptop

Presentation is often lacking. While refurbished machines should come with original packaging, instructions and chargers, second-hand laptops may lack any of this.

New software often runs slowly. Older processors could struggle to power memory-intensive modern software applications like Windows 10 or video editing tools.

Battery life often dwindles. An irresponsible owner who kept charging the battery when it wasn’t low will have shortened the life of certain cells, reducing time between charges.

Lack of choice. You can’t customise old laptops as you could when ordering a new one. Someone else has chosen the specifications, chassis colour and everything in between.

Components might fail quickly. Charging ports and screen hinges receive heavy day-to-day abuse. Track pads are prone to fail, and individual screen pixels may start to die.

you just need to read the description and see that it really what you are after , here at usedtek we take it very seriously to tell you what you are buying from us , we have been serving the public since 2008 from our Scottish main street shop and have have built our business from the ground up  based on reliability and honesty , all our goods are Checkmend passed using government and police databases.